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This Is Why eBay Has Removed Item Information From Feedback System

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This Is Why eBay Has Removed Item Information From Feedback System

by Sean Mal

in Marketing

why ebay removed search by bidder?

As you may be aware, eBay has recently rolled out some controversial site updates. Those updates were rolled out quietly without previous announcement.

One is that they removed item information from buyer’s feedback. The other is that they removed the ability to search items “by bidder”.

Everyone is now speculating why ebay has rolled out these changes.

I know why. Read below

First, What’s the Issue?

Not long ago, you could see what items a buyer bought by looking at their feedback page but now that information is gone. You only see who they bought the item from (the seller) but there’s no information what they bought.

Not long ago, you could go to Advanced Search on ebay and search for Item “by bidder”. Once you input a buyer’s ID you could see what items the buyer bid on or bought but now that search option is gone.

The issue is that ebay has established their philosophy around trusting business partners. Meaning they were advertising themselves as a platform where buyers and sellers could easily trust each other and they embraced their feedback system as the back bone of this trust. Buyers could see what transactions the seller (who they were considering buying from) did and how the transaction went. The sellers could see what items and when their buyer bought and what their seller said about their buying conduct.

eBay has taken the transparency to all time low and everybody is wondering why they did that.

I figured it out.

The Case of Making More Money Constantly

eBay is well known for raising fees non-stop. That was because they wanted more and more money. The reason behind these recent changes is exactly the same!

I’ll explain.

eBay has sent a survey to some sellers asking their opinion about future programs and updates they are working on.

One of the programs they are considering is to sell buyer purchasing behavior reports to sellers. Think about it. If you were offered buyer purchasing behavior report for a fee but you could research it on your own for free, would you pay for such a report? Of course not.

eBay have to block your ability to get that information for free FIRST, and then try to make money off of the same information they made unavailable.

Screenshot below shows what I’m talking about (sorry if it’s a little blurry). On the top it reads: “eBay is considering an analytics platform that we provide sellers with buyer purchasing behavior…”

why ebay removed item information from feedback

eBay top management had a “brilliant!” idea of making money out of buyer’s buying behavior and they thought sellers would pay for that and would consider it marketing expense. Then they thought: “oh wait, that information is already available on our site so we need to remove it first.”

Of course they have to remove the buyer purchasing behavior months before the said program goes live so the unrest over controversial move would have been settled down by the time the program launches.

Going Against Your Own Principles

eBay has implemented some other money-making changes, e.g. inserting advertisement in item pages without the seller consent. But now they are trying to make money by going against their own core principles. Transparency and building trust are among principles ebay has emphasized on for years.

I have no objection of them try to make more money but at the expense of market transparency, I’m certainly against it.

What’s Your Take?

What do you think about this issue? Do you agree with it? What’s your thoughts? Please share in the comments section and remember to subscribe to email updates using the form below.

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Sadie Burges October 28, 2013

Seems a really bad move that will help towards ruining buyer confidence. It’s disgusting considering how sellers like myself work so hard to make sure we keep our feedback and Detailed Seller Rating scores so high. If a buyer can’t see what has been bought then they cannot be sure of whether their transaction will go 100% smoothly for them. I think this is a wrong move.

Source:eBay Seller – http://TheTechPod.com
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Sean Mal October 28, 2013

Currently, item information is still there on the SELLERS FEEDBACK. However, item information is completely removed from buyers feedback. In other words, I don’t see what you bought but I see what you sold.
Sean Mal recently posted..Free Shipping or No Free Shipping: That Is The QuestionMy Profile


sule October 28, 2013

You got it right.
eBay is just ripping off sellers, I am bloody exhausted with them.


Sean Mal October 28, 2013

More than ripping off, now they’re going against their own values. Transparency for a marketplace like ebay is essential in my opinion.
Sean Mal recently posted..5 Tips To Minimize Item Return And Handle Returns CorrectlyMy Profile


ashley smith October 16, 2014

All I care about is seeing the report from the buyer that the transaction between them and the seller was satisfactory before i make a purchase from said seller.


Mazid February 4, 2015


This is Mind Blowing Information and very interesting.I will have to make sure to come back.May this post will also helpful to them as it helped me.

Thank you for a wonderful and inspiring article


mahi January 3, 2016

good article full of information considering in it nice work


Choozily February 11, 2016

The latest ebay financial report shows the result of their hostility towards their sellers!


yukoun July 17, 2017

eBay has always had a trick or two up their sleeves!


Scott October 4, 2017

I thought you would like to know you misspelled the word “definately”. Silly mistakes are a pet peeve of mine.


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