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Do This So Your Buyers Love You and You Get Rewarded

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Do This So Your Buyers Love You and You Get Rewarded

by Sean Mal

in Shipping


All right, I admit it! I made mistakes when selling stuff online.

If you really want me to embarrass myself pointing out actual mistakes, so be it! Here we go: I made mistakes like not doing product research enough or holding items for too long or get a little emotional when dealing with bad buyers or…come on, isn’t that enough?!

But…there’s one mistake that I never made and as a result I’ve been always rewarded because of that.

In this post, I want to tell you not to make that mistake.

OK, here’s the deal: you decide to sell products online on your own website. Or maybe you take advantage of eCommerce marketplaces like Amazon, eBid, eBay, ecrater, etc. to save some marketing time and money.

Your mind set from the beginning should be to make and keep the customer happy. But how?

There are eCommerce best practices

I’m not going to list all the best practices in online business as there are many. However, all eCommerce best practices help you boost your online business and ultimately you make more money.

Some best practices are kind of hard, expensive and time consuming. For example, marketing your new website takes time and money.

However, there’s an online selling best practice that is low cost and very effective.

What is it?

Fast Shipping!

Yes, everybody loves fast shipment! By fast shipping I don’t mean delivering overnight to your customer door but I mean actually ship the item quickly.

Fast Shipping is one of the most effective yet relatively simple ways to boost online business.

The benefits of shipping fast

  • Buyers absolutely love it: It’s my own experience and I know everyone who sell items online agrees that buyers prefer to get the item they bought fast even if they have to pay a little more. In contrary, waiting for the shipping confirmation email for days makes buyer frustrated and angry. You don’t want that!
  • It helps boost your business: Like I said when you ship fast you can charge a little more than your competitors do.
  • It builds trust: Customers trust merchants that are on top of their business and can get orders out the door as quickly as possible. Customer trust is a very important thing you can earn from your buyers.
  •  It crushes competition: While your competitors are struggling with their slow post, you hurry past them and steal their customers.

What’s the catch?

It’s not really a catch but you have to be on top of your business. This isn’t so hard or expensive for small businesses. Even if improving your handling time requires spending a few more bucks or a little more time, the reward would be much greater than that.

The best practice is to try and reduce shipping time as much as you can. If you can offer 1 day handling time, or even better 0 day (same day), it would be great. But if not, try to minimize your handling time as much as you can.

I remember one of my customers who bought a laptop from me and was very impressed by my fast shipment. He was so happy that he bought another laptop for his wife and referred his friend to me too. So my business with that customer grew 3 fold because of fast shipping! Praise for fast shipping is what I constantly receive through buyer feedback.

Shipping orders slowly is the mistake I’m glad I never did but unfortunately many business owners and online sellers do.

Don’t be one of them!

If you ship quickly, keep up the good work and if not, try to improve it. You’ll be glad you did.

Fast and Furious?

What’s your handling time? Have you recently improve your handling time?

Leave a comment below and remember to sign up for my newsletter. I’ll ship it fast to you! 🙂

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My Wyoming Adventure May 12, 2012

Great article. I know when I buy something online I expect it fast. It does get frustrating waiting more than a week for something.
My Wyoming Adventure recently posted..Why Does the Wind Have to be so Cruel?My Profile


Sean Mal May 12, 2012

Thanks for visiting.
Sean Mal recently posted..How To Figure Out Who Left You Low DSRMy Profile


Rum Punch Drunk May 12, 2012

So right. Shipping time is very important to me as I rarely buy anything that takes more than 24 hrs to be delivered. I recently contacted Australia as I could not find a product near me in England. They were absolutely brilliant. They tracked down the goods for me and had it delivered the next day. I am now a loyal customer and have passed their details on to those I know.

Good helpful staff is also a must.
Rum Punch Drunk recently posted..Incarcerated FreedomMy Profile


Sean Mal May 12, 2012

“I rarely buy anything that takes more than 24 hrs to be delivered”…whoa! You must be paying a lot of shipping fee then. 🙂
They delivered your order from Australia to UK in 1 day? WOW, what shipping service did they use and how much did you pay for it?
Sean Mal recently posted..eBid Has “Make An Offer” Feature Now!My Profile


Rum Punch Drunk May 12, 2012

Agreed. They must have an outlet/warehouse somewhere in Europe. Probably just down the road from me LOL. But, I know use them to re-order my products as couldn’t get the stuff from the British :). I paid under £10 for costs per order. I really don’t know if that is cheap or expensive to you.
Rum Punch Drunk recently posted..Incarcerated FreedomMy Profile


Sean Mal May 12, 2012

oh ok, so you basically bought locally. When selling things online, it’s impossible to deliver them from Australia to UK in 1 day. Custom clearance alone takes more time.
Sean Mal recently posted..eBid Has “Make An Offer” Feature Now!My Profile


mymoonlog May 13, 2012

Cool site


Ben Meredith May 13, 2012

International shipping is a pain, I like to stay local!
Ben Meredith recently posted..Benefits Of A Call Center For Small BusinessMy Profile


Sean Mal May 13, 2012

As a seller or buyer? Shipping should not be a pain. I’ll put together a post about international shipping done right. Thanks for visiting.
Sean Mal recently posted..eBid Has “Make An Offer” Feature Now!My Profile


Solar Panels India May 16, 2012

My experience to buy something from ‘flipkart.com’ was great. However, tried one of the other site too but i found flipkart as the best one.


nigeria jobs today May 20, 2012

i’ve head about boosting sales, this is a very nice addition to my knowledge.
nigeria jobs today recently posted..Management Science For Health,Looking for an AccountantMy Profile


Sean Mal May 20, 2012

Good to know. Thanks for sharing.
Sean Mal recently posted..Bad News About USPS International Shipping!My Profile


Greg April 23, 2013

Thanks for sharing this eCommerce secret. Online marketing does take time and money, but fast shipping is definately a promo for any business. Great tip.
Greg recently posted..Natural Link Building – Consider ThisMy Profile


Sean Mal April 23, 2013

Thanks for visiting.
Sean Mal recently posted..Keep Your eBay Top-rated Seller Status. Here’s HowMy Profile


HCG April 29, 2013

Great writing. My thanks for posting that. I will definitely check back to find out more and inform my acquaintenances about your posting.


Chris C. November 12, 2013

I must disagree with ‘fast shipping’ as being a priority for success selling online. COST OF SHIPPING IS!

I live in Canada and have pretty much stopped buying from the US precisely because shipping costs have become excessive. When you guys is the US pay $6 for shipping by regular mail (and $20 for expedited) we pay $20 and $60 respectively, which often exceeds the actual value of the item, even more so now that eBay has started forcing tracking and ‘global shipping’ with the extortionate fees this tacks on.

To give you a concrete example: recently I had no choice but to use that method because I could not find the item anywhere else, and the seller insisted on this shipping method. Add on to that Duties, Taxes and Tax Collecting Fees, as a result, shipping for this item, which would have cost less than $50 within the US (and the same to Canada by normal shipping methods), ended up costing me $200. Pure waste, considering it arrived in one week instead of two. Furthermore, as all these fees are tacked on the item PLUS shipping, as an end result, this item which I paid $800 for ended up costing me $1150 instead of $850, and believe me I still have that bitter taste in the mouth. $200 is a LOT of money for some people!

So let me be clear: as an eBay buyer I DON’T want ‘fast’ shipping because it is just TOO EXPENSIVE. And to those who insist shipping this way for ‘security’… Mail loss is less than 1%. Paying this extortionate fee for what accounts to an effective legalized protection racket is just giving into the paranoia.

Sellers should realize the opportunities they lose giving in to this shipping method. If shipping was no object, buyers wouldn’t be looking for stuff on eBay in the first place. Don’t ask yourselves why selling on eBay isn’t as good as it was. Buyers are waking up to the fact that once costs of shipping are factored in, eBay items are now pretty much on par with what you can get from a brick and mortar store, with much easier returns and customer service when things go wrong and none of the hassles imposed by eBay and PayPal.


Sean Mal November 12, 2013

Thanks for your comment. This article is about fast SHIPPING not fast DELIVERY. You’re talking about fast delivery. Note what I said above: “…By fast shipping I don’t mean delivering overnight to your customer door but I mean actually ship the item quickly.”

I’m sure you or anybody else don’t like it if you order an item and wait 3 days for the seller to ship it. But if another seller ship their orders the next day you would love their fast “shipping”, don’t you? Which seller would you give your business again given all other factors are equal? The answer is clear.

About fast delivery: you’re looking at it from your cost point-of-view but note that international package loss happens more than you think. So sellers HAVE TO choose a service that allows shipping insurance especially for items like the one you ordered: high value. The seller have no choice but to protect their investment because if your order is lost you will demand your money back to the last cent and you’re right. If the seller loses $800 due to lack of insurance, how many more items should they sell just to compensate for that? Many of my international packages have been lost so I make sure to insure them especially if they are high value items.
Sean Mal recently posted..This Is Why eBay Has Removed Item Information From Feedback SystemMy Profile


ST February 5, 2017

I really appreciate your professional approach. These are pieces of very useful information tha
will be of great use for me in future.


U-T February 5, 2017

After looking at a few of the blog articles on your site, I seriously appreciate your way of writing it.


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