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All right, I admit it! I made mistakes when selling stuff online.

If you really want me to embarrass myself pointing out actual mistakes, so be it! Here we go: I made mistakes like not doing product research enough or holding items for too long or get a little emotional when dealing with bad buyers or…come on, isn’t that enough?!

But…there’s one mistake that I never made and as a result I’ve been always rewarded because of that.

In this post, I want to tell you not to make that mistake.
What mistake, Sean?




You just found out “a buyer” left you one or more low DSRs on eBay. Can you find out who left you low DSR?

It might look like to you that you can never figure out who that buyer was.

But in reality, it is possible to figure out who left low DSR.

The secret is revealed…
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ebid Make An Offer

One of the features requested by a great number of eBid sellers has been “Make An Offer”.

Make An Offer allows buyers to send an “offer” to sellers. Ability to do this has been awaited for a long time by eBid community.

And guess what?
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Have you recently bought a new Blu-ray movie?

If so, there has probably been a code included, called “Ultraviolet Code”, that allows you to save a digital copy of the movie on your computer.

Have you ever thought to sell that ultraviolet code? If you thought about putting it on eBay, I caution you!
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Will you have what it takes to be an eBay top rated seller under the new policy?

Let me tell you this: hundreds (maybe thousands) won’t!!

The new eBay policy makes it harder than ever to be a top-rated seller and then to keep your TRS status.

Why is it important?

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What’s the best eBay alternative?

Have you asked that question?

Let me tell you this: there are probably hundreds of eBay alternative websites!

Unless you have an incredible amount of resources, you can’t list on all of them and still expect that to be manageable.

So what should you do?

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Can I sell ebooks on ebay?

Yes, why not?

Is selling eBooks on eBay easy?

Yes and no!

It depends how you want to do it.

Why does it matter?

I’ll explain it below:

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In recent years, eBay has grown obnoxious to sellers ridiculously.

Many sellers left eBay for good and never came back. Others reduced their presence tremendously.

Many of those being Top-rated Seller but couldn’t retain their TRS status.

Are you looking for eBay alternatives because you’re sick and tired of eBay?

Or maybe you want to expand and want another viable marketplace to list your items in.

Or maybe you’re just curious?

If your answer to any of these questions is “yes”, read on…

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Increase Sales Online Offline

The more the merrier! That’s so true when it comes to sales.
An online seller always looks for ways to increase sales. I’ll tell you a sure fire way to improve your sales numbers.

You want to know about it because you’re an online seller or you’re looking to be. How I know?

Because you’re reading this blog, DUH!

Even if you have a physical store, you’ll benefit from this too. [Tell Me More…]



Chargeback Protection

PayPal payments have to be accepted on eBay. Not that you don’t have any other option but what are the options? You must accept an online payment method. The approved online payments on eBay are PayPal, MoneyBookers, PayMate, and ProPay (two of them abbreviate to PP, ugh…disgusting! 😉 ).
PayPal is the most popular one. Once, I tried to open an account with one of the 3 others (I don’t remember which) and they required $3000 deposit to start with. Not to mention they could increase it over time.
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