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5 Things You Can Do to Make Your eCommerce Landing Pages Convert Sale

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5 Things You Can Do to Make Your eCommerce Landing Pages Convert Sale

by Sean Mal

in Marketing


The following is a Guest Post by Tony Evans.

Most e-commerce sites apply different techniques to capture people up to the end of the sales tunnel.

Most of the time, they bombard their pages with call-to-action buttons and the like.

Your efforts and budget spent on pay-per-click advertisements and search engine optimization tweaks on your pages are not worth when you don’t have an effective landing page.

The Importance of Optimizing Your Landing Page When a viewer clicks on your ad, they will be led to a page where they read the copy of your sales. When they are not convinced and click the Buy button, your e-commerce site fails at that very moment.

A landing page or the “lead capture page” is the first page potential customers see when they reach your business website. Hence, you should make it a point to introduce your brand, company and offerings on that page excellently. This page is very important in determining the conversion sale success of your visitors. The following are common rules of thumb in ensuring that you create the perfect look, produce the right type of content and design the right layout all combined with the end goal of conversion in your landing page.

1. K. I. S. S. This mnemonic acronym refers to “Keep it [the copy] short and simple.” To avoid marketing friction, give clear and full explanation of the benefits visitors will get from your product. Then, present your product as the solution with a bonus of great offer they simply can’t refuse.

Gone are the times when people are enticed to reading very long articles. Especially when they feel that they’re reading a hard sell, persuading them to make a purchase becomes more difficult. Avoid long intros and sample stories that tell the same thing repeatedly. Your visitor may just get tired of reading and click the X button. People want things to be done instantly to accomplish more things. So give deliver them the message and call them to act straightforward.

2. Value Website Aesthetics and Design The design of your landing page should not contain anything fancy. Design your page with promotion-specific call-to-action buttons. Font face must be readable. Use various font sizes that place level of importance of the text. Highlight words with enticing colors but stay limited to two to three colors. Be careful not to bold, italicize and underline too many words.

3. Compose Catchy Headlines Keep them rest assured that your website won’t fall short of their expectations. Say the message directly. Focus on the facts and don’t bore them with fluffy words. Make sure that they get everything that will make them convinced to buy your product, even before scrolling down. Provide a sense of urgency. As in newspapers, catchy bold headlines never fail to draw in the attention of readers.

All you have is two seconds to get them read your copy. Your titles must connect to your copy to make them read after clicking through your promotion. To increase response rate, put serious work to the headlines and sub-headlines. Persuasion must be made in full force. Ask questions that would tickle their minds. Tell prospects you have the perfect solution to their problem by stating the biggest benefits of your offer.

4. Limit the Number of Your Products Avoid trapping them into the paradox of choice. When customers are offered many options at one go, they end up not buying anything. This is because their minds are being set out in different directions to make one decision. A good landing page offers only one specific action. Feature only one or few major specific offerings and work on marketing those to achieve a higher conversion.



5. Remove Distracting Elements The best tip is to go with a full width, one column layout with no sidebars at all. This is to better track the readers’ eyes and make your copy friendly to read. The layout of your landing page must consist of only the headings, subheadings, body of text, necessary white spaces, and minimal graphics. They all should lead the reader’s eye to your offer. Don’t provide any obstacle to their reading by disgusting them with complicated words either. The action you want people to take should be stand out in the page. Use unambiguous commands like “Use voucher code NX892L to get a 30% discount when you purchase my e-book. Promotion is limited so grab a copy now!”

Conclusion In your e-commerce site, the landing page must always accommodate the readers in what they would like to do. Grant the promises they anticipate by feeding them information and the rightful solution which is your product. Ultimately, your primary conversion is the sale. Practice these five tips to prompt potential customers for a certain act or result and improve on your conversion rate.

About the Author: +Tony Evans is a freelance web designer, an alumna of Upskilled Australia and a mother of a beautiful daughter, Athena. She has a passion in Aerobics and cooking healthy recipes.

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Kuldeep Kumar June 9, 2013

This is really good post, Yes in e-commerce site traffic does not matter only sales matter how you can traffic converts into customer.. I like your point landing page concept.. yes if your landing page have convincing power then no one can beat into online businesses..after Reading your post, I got some new idea..



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