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How To Figure Out Who Left You Low DSR on eBay

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How To Figure Out Who Left You Low DSR on eBay

by Sean Mal

in Listing, Selling


You just found out “a buyer” left you one or more low DSRs on eBay. Can you find out who left you low DSR?

It might look like to you that you can never figure out who that buyer was.

But in reality, it is possible to figure out who left low DSR.

The secret is revealed…

I should mention this only applies to eBay sellers. So if you’re not selling on eBay and you’re doing good, well…keep doing it as you’re saving yourself a lot of headache!!

With the method I’ll explain, you’ll be able to find out exactly how many stars the buyer gave you in each category for each transaction! So, you will leave the guess work behind and be in the know.

Why is low DSR important?

The importance of low DSRs (Detailed Seller Ratings) is that it can make or break your top rated seller status.

You see, eBay has changed Top-rated Seller requirements lately but they left the DSR requirement intact. That is, you still can’t have more than 2 low DSRs (1 or 2 stars) or more than 0.5% of your transaction numbers.

There’s a way to take a little more hit from low DSRs. Nevertheless, knowing who left you less than 5 stars, will help you improve your selling performance.

For example, when you find out your buyer left less than 5 stars in “Shipping charges” category, you’ll know (s)he didn’t think the shipping fee was low enough. Maybe you can lower your shipping charge to improve buyer experience.

Don’t ever assume every positive feedback has perfect DSRs associate with it. Some buyers leave less than 5 stars with positive feedback and won’t tell you why.

Knowing that they left you less than perfect stars will pave the way to understand that there’s room for improvement.

How do I know who left me low DSR?

The method on how to find out exactly which buyer left how many stars in each category is explained in my email updates exclusively for subscribers. So make sure to subscribe to receive this really helpful method and other updates about ecommerce selling and buying.

Ever received a low DSR?

If you have, what was your reaction to it? Did you find out who left less than 5 stars?

If you haven’t ever received any low DSRs, you’re doing something great (and…um…yes you’re a little lucky too!). Share your great seller strategies with other readers and me below and remember to sign up for free updates.

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Rich January 6, 2013

I like your method!
I just received my first low DSR and I am irate. I bend over backward for customers to ensure they are pleased with our transaction.
Someone gave me a positive feedback and 1 star ratings in 2 catagories. I am beyond mad as I take pride in my feedback and ratings, and there is no call for a 1 star rating when you are happy with your transaction.
Thanks for letting me vent!


Sean Mal January 7, 2013

Hello Rich,
Well…there’s no shortage of eBay sellers vent! eBay created policies that made the site super friendly to buyers and not friendly at all for seller. Even when low DSR with positive feedback is accidental, there’s no way out of it. If the feedback is negative or neutral, you can at least ask buyer to revise it but with positive feedback you just have to bite it!
Thanks for visiting.
Sean Mal recently posted..Do This So Your Buyers Love You and You Get RewardedMy Profile


Vlad January 8, 2013

Great article, it’s hard to figure that out without knowing about the reports. Unfortunately your method can’t be used for my account because I’ve less then 10 transactions with DSRs in last 4 months. And eBay can’t show my sales’ history older then 4 months. That’s a pity but I will definitely use your method in the future. Many thanks!


Sean Mal January 9, 2013

Thanks for visiting Vlad. Hope it’ll be useful for you although if your sales volume is that low you don’t even need to worry about DSRs!
Sean Mal recently posted..Do This So Your Buyers Love You and You Get RewardedMy Profile


Nathan January 16, 2013

I sell hundreds of products per week and .55% of my buyers are leaving less than five “Shipping and Handling Charges” stars. Top Sell requires .50% or less. I have thousands of listings and all I want to know is what products are receiving this rating so I can adjust them.

Any input would help.


Sean Mal January 16, 2013

Hi Nathan,
You need to follow the procedure I explained. To cure the Shipping Charges low DSRs, the best method is to offer free shipping so buyers won’t be able to leave DSR and you get automatic 5 stars. Let me know if you have other questions.
Thanks for visiting.
Sean Mal recently posted..Do This So Your Buyers Love You and You Get RewardedMy Profile


jay July 10, 2013

Hello Sean

I am one of the struggling seller getting low dsr for past 4 months and trying to look up how to increase rating i found this article says buy .01 penny item on buyitnow and leave feedback for seller then seller will give you feedback this way you will get it up is that right

Also i couldn’t find the instruction which seller left low dsr rating if you please send to me


Sean Mal July 11, 2013

Getting feedback as buyer won’t do a thing to your DSR. However, it does improve your feedback count and percentage. Be careful in doing it too fast as eBay is known in going after feedback artificial inflation for both buyers and sellers.

When you sign up for my email updates, you get the exact procedure of finding which “buyer” left you low DSR among other email updates.

Thanks for stopping by.
Sean Mal recently posted..Free Shipping or No Free Shipping: That Is The QuestionMy Profile


Pethachi April 7, 2013


I have subscribed to ur newsletter, but i have not received any details about how to see who has left low dsr ratings.


Sean Mal April 7, 2013

The method will be sent as an email update among other updates to the subscribers. You will receive it in the near future. Thank you for visiting.
Sean Mal recently posted..Keep Your eBay Top-rated Seller Status. Here’s HowMy Profile


Donny June 12, 2013

I find the average ebay customer is a f*** lowlife piece of garbage and more of then than not leave shitty feedback to f*** the seller.


Sean Mal June 12, 2013

It’s true that many eBay buyers are plain stupid, too demanding, and non-understanding. I have had (and having) problems with this type of buyers. However, I don’t agree with blank statement about ALL buyers. There are still numerous buyers who understand how to shop on ebay, actually read and understand the listing and terms, and understand what you say when you explain things to them.
Sean Mal recently posted..Keep Your eBay Top-rated Seller Status. Here’s HowMy Profile


Peter June 15, 2013

Hi Sean,

Finding it really hard to keep our Postage Time DSR rating down. Theory i have.
We offer many items with free postage so buyers cannot leave any any DSR score in this area so the next best thing is the postage time. This puts allot of extra strain on the postage time DSR rating. We sell lots of big/bulky items so its hard to provide the service customers expect. Customers expectations are high.

Another question I have is if a customer where to cancel a sale on eBay (before its dispatched), are they still eligible to leave DSR ratings on all areas? If the answer is yes then I’d be interested to see if there was a link between these cancelled sales and our low DSR scores. There could be some intentional activity by other sellers to bring us down.

I’ve heard now these lots of chinese companies out there are manipulating eBay’s DSR and Best Match system. For example they can get your listings up the top by creating fakes accounts and sales.


Sean Mal June 16, 2013

You can see who left you low DSR on each category. Now that you’re subscribed to my email updates, you’ll receive the exact method in your inbox then you can find out which buyer left how many stars. Cancelled sales are eligible for leaving feedback so they’re eligible for leaving DSR. Thanks for visiting.
Sean Mal recently posted..Keep Your eBay Top-rated Seller Status. Here’s HowMy Profile


Rich Vernadeau August 28, 2013

Guardrail or Quick Decline is the mechanism whereby ebay targets small sellers who have a couple of low DSRs (buyer OPINIONS) and then slaps sanctions, restrictions, limitations on the targeted small seller which places them on the fast track to suspension or elimination. Ebay blocked 15,000 sellers from listing in their early August purge, and more purges are guaranteed to come.


Sean Mal September 1, 2013

The sad part is that a big portion of less-than-5 DSRs are not meant to be left!! I have received many DSRs less than 5 that the buyer admitted (s)he didn’t mean to leave them. eBay makes it super easy for the buyers to make a mistake and leave low DSR (or less than perfect at least). It just takes a click. Also, when buyer contacts eBay and let them know the DSR was left by accident, eBay gives them a run-around and refuses to fix it. They often tell the buyer to ask the seller to send revision request!! You CANNOT send revision request for a positive feedback.
It’s many seller’s opinion (including me) that the eBay’s feedback system is broken.
Sean Mal recently posted..5 Tips To Minimize Item Return And Handle Returns CorrectlyMy Profile


Rich Vernadeau September 3, 2013

From a post in an ebay discussion thread: “Tortious interference with business relationships occurs where the tortfeasor acts to prevent the plantiff from successfully establishing or maintaining business relationships. This tort may occur when a first party’s conduct intentionally causes a second party not to enter into a business relationship with a third party that otherwise would probably have occurred. Such conduct is termed tortious interference with prospective business relations, expectations, or advantage or with prospective economic advantage.”
Since the Cassini search is set up not to just to lower or drop listings but to actually BLOCK listings that it’s artificial intelligence has assumed will not result in a sale if shown to the buyer- than yes eBay’s (the first party) conduct is intentionally causing a buyer (the second party) not to enter into a business relationship with a seller (the third party).”


Sean Mal September 6, 2013

Interesting you posted this. The same thing happened to me last week. All my listings were thrown to the end (or almost to the end) of best match results overnight!! I found it out by checking a listing that I was monitoring. It was on the TOP of the FIRST page of best match results and the next day I checked, it was dropped more than 620 listings towards the END of search results!! Unbelievable? Not on ebay!
Sean Mal recently posted..5 Tips To Minimize Item Return And Handle Returns CorrectlyMy Profile


Rich Vernadeau September 6, 2013

There is growing public sentiment for an investigative reporter to take a good hard look inside ebay. I messaged John Stossel and Morgan Spurlock both early today on their Facebook pages, and I would urge anyone reading this to do the same, asking each of them to do a story on ebay. You can also contact Michael Moore at michaelmoore.com


Seller March 5, 2014

Like Rich, I just noticed that I now have a 4.9 for shipping cost. So upset. Sometimes my shipping ends up costing me more to ship than the price I put on the listing (that’s on me- and I eat the cost) BUT I still get less than 5 stars? I just read some eBay article (http://www.ebay.com/gds/Sellers-Excessive-Shipping-Charges-Read-Their-Feedback-/10000000017328091/g.html) griping about excessive shipping charges. Obviously, $12 to ship 3-13 oz. jewelry items is excessive and ridiculous, especially if the seller always ships that kind of item. However, not every seller is selling items that weigh the same amount each and ever time so their shipping costs will deviate depending on the item. Also, “2 cent bubble wrap” is more than 2 cents. Labels, ink and paper DO add up and time IS money. Then tack on another $1-2 for an envelope or box. Buyers need to pay attention to shipping costs, just as we as sellers should be careful about what shipping cost we charge. Ignorance is bliss but not an excuse to mark down a sellers DSR because you didn’t pay attention to OR don’t like the shipping cost that you should have been aware of before bidding. Some items (jeans, housewares, shoes) are heavy so they may ship in a small box or envelope but cost a pretty penny to ship. If the location a seller is shipping to is far away, that adds to postal cost, too. Previously, sellers weren’t charged seller fees for shipping and some took advantage of that by charging excessive shipping fees. However, now the overall cost of the transaction is what eBay charges seller fees for so for a seller to jack-up shipping costs to ‘pad their pocket’ is redundant. I charge fair shipping costs even if it ends up costing me in the end financially. My reputation is more important to me. So, it is frustrating when I see that someone thinks that a shipping cost that they were aware of, agreed to and paid, is too high. As the aforementioned article states, some sellers are ignorant to postage costs. Well, it works both ways. If they don’t know and get stiffed, it’s bad. If they don’t know, THINK they got overcharged and downgrade a seller’s DSR, that’s just as bad.


jdunnell May 31, 2014

I was wondering is there any way to find out what buyers left feedback on another seller? Im asking because I purchased something from a seller, well bought a service and the experience was bad. Then I looked at the seller’s feedback and there were some negative feedback that was very recent from buyers who purchased the same service and went through the same thing I did, I want to know is there any way to contact those buyers so I can find out did they ever get their situation resolved.


Sean Mal August 9, 2014

It would be very difficult. eBay now removes item information from buyer’s feedback and also on seller’s feedback, buyer’s ID is not shown completely (only feedback count appears). So when you see a bad feedback from a buyer, you only see two letters in their ID and their feedback count. That’s not enough information to find out who the buyer was.
eBay’s feedback system is completely broken. They put the last nail in its coffin recently. Look at my post linked below for some interesting info.
Sean Mal recently posted..This Is Why eBay Has Removed Item Information From Feedback SystemMy Profile


Cool January 17, 2015

very informative post for me as I am always looking for new content that can help me and my knowledge grow better.


Gurgaon January 17, 2015

That is an extremely smart written article. I will be sure to bookmark it and return to learn extra of your useful information. Thank you for the post. I will certainly return.


Leisha November 15, 2016

WOW just what I was looking for. Came here by searching for ebay


Gandi May 11, 2017

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