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why ebay removed search by bidder?

As you may be aware, eBay has recently rolled out some controversial site updates. Those updates were rolled out quietly without previous announcement.

One is that they removed item information from buyer’s feedback. The other is that they removed the ability to search items “by bidder”.

Everyone is now speculating why ebay has rolled out these changes.

I know why. Read below
Let’s bust ebay…



Free Shipping or No Free Shipping?

One of the top questions every online seller have in their mind is whether they offer free shipping or not.

When it comes to eBay or eBay alternative auction sites, free shipping also involves your listing’s visibility in search results.

Here are some tips to help you decide if offering free shipping makes sense for your eCommerce business.
More On Free Shipping…




The following is a Guest Post by Tony Evans.

It is said that doing SEO for an e-commerce website is a pain in the neck.

Competition in selling items online is hard and there are a lot of steps to take in order to build really effective e-commerce pages.

In this article, we will give the top five suggestions on how to develop and improve SEO on your e-commerce site.

Find Out How




The following is a Guest Post by Tony Evans.

Most e-commerce sites apply different techniques to capture people up to the end of the sales tunnel.

Most of the time, they bombard their pages with call-to-action buttons and the like.

Your efforts and budget spent on pay-per-click advertisements and search engine optimization tweaks on your pages are not worth when you don’t have an effective landing page.

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Keep TRS

These days there’s a big buzz around the net about eBay top-rated seller program.

eBay changed top-rated seller requirements in a big way (to know exactly what the new requirements are look here then come back).

Here’s the trick eBay made: they made it easier to GET to top-rated seller program but they made it harder to KEEP your status!!

So…how can you retain your top-rated seller status?

I’ll tell you below.

How Not To Lose TRS




If you sell on eBay, I’m sure you’re aware that eBay charges a lot of fees when you sell in addition to online payment fees (e.g. PayPal). And if you’re selling on eBay long enough you know that they increase their fees in different forms of fashion for any excuses.

My question for you is: do you make the most out of eBay fees?

I’ll explain what I mean in a moment.

Let’s Read More




You need reliable distributors when you acquire stuff to sell online especially wholesale merchandise.

Numerous websites claim to have a huge list of wholesalers (or wholesale directory) that you can use to buy items to sell online; but how legitimate are those lists?

Many of them are just scams!

Here are 15 wholesale sites  that are in business today. These wholesale distributors are legitimate businesses so you can buy various items for your online selling business with trust. Some of them are also wholesale dropshippers.

Show Them To Me




Why does the title say “STILL” make good money? The tone of this sentence is like it’s unlikely to be successful selling electronics online in a very small business.

The tone of the sentence is reflecting the myth about selling electronics online.

What’s the myth?

Many online selling coaches and pros caution small online sellers about selling consumer electronics online and advise them to leave it to the “big guys”.

That’s a myth and I have the proof.
Show Me The Proof




It’s guaranteed! Returns, that is. Any business selling products online or offline WILL have some of their items returned by the customer.

The question is not whether there will be an item return or not.

The question is how many returns will there be.

How will you answer that question?
Can you?


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Update: USPS removed the ban and once again will accept lithium batteries to be shipped around the world!

If you’re selling products online and those products are electronics, I’m sorry to have bad news for you!

Up until now, US sellers who were selling electronics online and ship them globally could take advantage of the ability to have the customer pay for custom fees when shipping by USPS.

Other international carriers like FedEx would deliver the goods then notify the buyer to pay custom fees.

However, if the buyer won’t pay custom fees, the carrier would debit the shipper account for the fees.

Looks like US electronics sellers, like myself, have another hoop to jump through now!
and the hoop is…